Monday, October 12, 2009

Whoever told that you that you're hot....

must have been blind.

Stupid ugly whores who walk around school half-naked. I mean, if they were hot then fair go. BUT NOO. They're super ugly. (And some of them insist on wearing those really tight trousers despite NOT having the figure for them. The result? You can see their knicker line through it. Sure the boys love it, (those with a taste for slutburgers) but it just makes me siiick.)

And whilst I am at it...... WILL PEOPLE PLEASE STOP POKING ME? For fecks sake. I no likely ze poking. >.>


  1. Finally someone agrees with me...

  2. yes it is disgusting, there are these two women who come into my work and they wear clothes that just look so horrible and i can't serve them or look at them cause i am actually scared i might throw up

  3. This post is right on every level. I can name a few people like that. One of them who I shouldn't name, you know, cyber harassing etc, was walking around in those whore stocking things. And then there was a photo in photography and someone had scratched her eyes out. hehe.

    And Leisha also agrees, she is just too lazy to comment.

  4. I'm not sure they realize how stupid they look. I mean, if they did, why would they do it?

  5. Well I suppose their motive is to get noticed by the guys...